Okinawa Hawai'i OEWS

The 7th Okinawa Hawai'i Ocean Energy Workshop has a new home page. Visit for details on or to attend the Ocean Energy Workshop.

Okinawa Prefecture

Okinawa Prefecture is the sponsor organization for this website and the OTEC Demonstration facility on Kume Island.


The Global Ocean reSource and Energy Association is a combination of academic, governmental, and private sector entities working together to efficiently utilize ocean resources to create renewable energy and related industries. Visit the website for more information in English and Japanese.

Okinawa Deep Sea Water Research Institute(jp)

The Okinawa Prevecture Deep Sea Water Research Institute has been in operation for fourteen years on Kume Island. OTEC Okinawa is located on the research institute's grounds.

Institute of Ocean Energy

The insitue of Ocean Energy at Saga University is instrumental in the design and reasearch of OTEC systems at the demonstration facility. They continue to advise the project and have installed a Satellite facility to research and demonstrate flash evaporation desalniation utilizing raw seawter and deepseawater.

IHI Inc.

IHI Inc. is a construction company contracted to build and operate the OTEC facility.

Xenesys Inc.

Xenesys Inc. is a leader in heat exhcange technology and is one of three companies contracted to operate and build the facility.

Yokogawa Electirc

Yokogawa Electric provides solutions for a variety of projects, including the power and monitor systems of the OTEC Facility.

Kume Island Guide is an English language tourist site providing information on Kume Island.

Kumejima Town (jp)

Kumejima Town's official website in Japanese. The OTEC facility is located on Kumejima.

OTEC Foundation

The OTEC foundation is a non-profit organization promoting communication and education among OTEC industries and the public. There is no official relationship with OTEC Okinawa.