Tours at OTEC Okinawa

The OTEC Okinawa facility has been in operation since April 2013, and has accepted visits since then. Approximately 13,000 people from 74 countries and various occupations and age groups have visited (as of February 2024).

The research grounds are normally off-limits to the public, so if you would like to visit, please apply in advance. If you require or would like a more detailed explanation, please fill out the form via this link. *Please note that some tour request may not be accepted due to tests or maintenance work.

Visitors to OTECokinawa

Usual Visit(about 30minutes)

①Explain the characteristics of deep seawater, its utilization, and OTEC (15minutes)

② Guide to demonstration equipment outside (15minutes)

For those who would like to know more: We can take more time for questions and answer. When applying, please include your specialty, detailed purpose, and questions in advance in the remarks field.

Concerning Visits to Related Facilities and Equipment

  1. (1) Okinawa Prefecture Deep Seawater Research Center (ODRC) Fisheries Facilities
  2. The fisheries facilities at the ODRC (under the jurisdiction of Okinawa Prefecture Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department) requires separate a application, please contact us in advance for assistance in English.

  3. (2) Saga University Flash-type Desalination Demonstration Equipment
  4. Just next to the OTEC Facility, the Saga University Insitute of Ocean Energy(IOES)'s Flash Evaporation Seawater Desalination Demonstration is installed. If you would like to visit the facility, please note it in the application form.

  5. (3)Surrounding Private Industrial Facilities
  6. Near the ODRC, there are also private industrial facilities related to deep seawater. If you would like to visit them, please contact each company separately from this application to visit the OTEC demonstration facility.

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