Okinawa Prefecture "Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Power Generation Demonstration Test Equipment Maintenance and Management Operations"

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Demonstration Test Facility

OTEC Pilot Plant

Welcome to the Okinawa Prefecture Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Demonstration Test Facility. Here you'll find a collection of information on this historic project as well as information on OTEC technology.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday


(Except National Holidays)

We request that parties interested in visiting the facility make an appointment to ensure a guide is available. We have guides available that speak Japanese and native English. We will also work to honor special requests for tours on Saturday and Sunday.

OTEC Pamphlet

Pamphlet Cover

Click the image above to download a pdf copy of our informational pamphlet.

Visitors to OTEC Okinawa will recieve a printed copy.

Current Surface Seawater Temperature


Current Deep Seawater Temperature


(Updated 5/13/2024)

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