The Okinawa Prefecture Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Power Demonstration Project

Plant Overview

Power Generation Demonstration Project for the use of Deep Seawater

  1. ■Project Goal

  2. In order to realize a low-carbon island society, part of the basic plan for realizing the 21st Century Vision of Okinawa, we promote the research and development of ocean energy, striving to reduce the environmental impact of local production of energy and promote the regional characteristics of Okinawa.

  3. ■Project Fundamentals
    • Measure the amount of power generation as influenced by changes in weather and sea temperatures.
    • Empirical studies on techniques for obtaining a stable output.
    • Study advanced composite utilization of surface water and deep seawater.
    • Study the possibility of the establishment of offshore-type OTEC facilities in Okinawa, Etc.

  4. ■Implementation 

  5. The operation of Okinawa’s OTEC Demonstration Project has been entrusted to Xenesys Inc.

  6. ■Timeline 

  7. OTEC Okinawa began installation of the 100kW class OTEC facility on Kumejima in January 2013. After generating power for the first time in March 2013, the facility has continued demonstrating clean, renewable energy. In 2016 the facility was retrofitted with new equipment enabling the operation with double Rankine cycle.


Tokiko Hibino Tokiko Hibino - Coordinator

  • Visitor and Public Relations
  • GOSEA Secretariat

Benjamin Martin Benjamin Martin - Facility Manager

  • OTEC Operations
  • International Relations
  • GOSEA Secretariat

Current Surface Seawater Temperature


Current Deep Seawater Temperature


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