ブログの名前「AloHaisai(アロハイサイ)」とは、ハワイの挨拶「アロハ」と、沖縄の挨拶「ハイサイ」を組み合わせた造語です。この言葉は、2011年9月の第2回沖縄-ハワイ海洋エネルギーワークショップにて、海洋深層水の研究施設を持つ久米島町とハワイのコナ市との間で姉妹都市協定を結んだ際のハワイ州立自然エネルギー研究所(NELHA) ガイ・トオヤマ氏の挨拶から生まれました。




About OTECokinawa.com and  AloHaisai:

Okinawa Prefecture’s Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Demonstration Facility began producing renewable electricity in 2013 on the grounds of the Okinawa Deep Sea Water Research Institute on Kume Island.  The goal of the project is to demonstrate OTEC technology and validate computer models for the expansion of power generation potential.

OTECokinawa.com is a website maintained under contract with Okinawa Prefecture to share information about the project and facility.  To that end, we have also created this blog to help share interesting news and information about the industry and our plant.

The name “AloHaisai” is a combination of the Hawaiian word Aloha and the Hogen (Okinawan dialect) work Haisai.  Both words are a greeting.  The name was used by Guy Toyama, a visionary activist who supported OTEC and visited Kume Island with members from Hawaii during several exchanges and as part of the sister city arrangement between Kume Island and Hawaii County.

We name our blog after this unique combination of greetings to honor Guy and his support of OTEC and clean energy.

The blog is run by staff members working with the Okinawa prefecture project, however, all content is from our own viewpoints.  Information, links, and other content may not reflect the position or beliefs of the Okinawan government or its members.  All content is © by Okinawa Prefecture.  For more information see this page.