Kume Island Selected for Ocean Research Area

IMG_8754On July 7, NHK reported that a decision had been reached for the locations of Ocean Energy Research areas in Japanese waters. Eleven sites were proposed by seven of Japan’s prefectures. After consideration of all the sites, six were chosen for this comprehensive maritime policy. The sites chosen were in the waters of Niigata, Saga, Nagasaki, and Okinawa, with three sites near Nagasaki.

The sites will be opened to universities and corporations for development and research of ocean energies including wind, tide, wave and Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion. A similar system has been in place in the UK for the past 10 years, fostering development of ocean energies.

At OTEC Okinawa we look forward to learning more about this important step in developing ocean energy in Japan. Kume Island’s selection as a location highlights the importance of OTEC in Japan’s national ocean energy policies and should pave the way for more efficient project development.






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