Indonesian Delegation to OTEC Okinawa

DSCN1043_1At the end of March 2016 we welcomed a delegation from the Republic of Indonesia Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Resources Affairs as they sought to learn more about Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, Deep Seawater Use, and the potential for applying such technologies in Indonesia. With Indonesia’s proximity to deep seawater, warm surface seawater, large population, and numerous communities still lacking secure access to power and water, Indonesia has perhaps the largest potential for use of this clean and renewable technology in the world.

DSCN1044_1Kumejima’s 100kW-class OTEC facility provides visitors the opportunity to see the world’s longest running operational OTEC facility using actual deep and surface seawater up-close, and feel the temperature of the waters driving the power generation cycle. The Kumejima Model, which is the local answer to creation of a sustainable and self-sufficient community, is set to be an important step in realizing small-scale OTEC is not only technically possible, but economically practical as well. As deep seawater related industries on Kumejima already account for roughly a quarter of the local economy and there is existing demand for water, know-how in its use, and local support, the island is uniquely suited as a community testing ground to integrate the separate yet related fields involved in using deep seawater effectively.

DSCN1034_1It is our hope, that the delegation found their trip interesting and informative, and that what they saw here will help accelerate the adoption of renewable, base-load clean energy around the world.

As this financial year comes to a close, we thank the thousands of visitors who have come to Kumejima so far, and look forward to sharing OTEC Okinawa with more next year. If you haven’t seen our facility yet, we hope you will come for a tour.









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