An Unusual Visitor at the Okinawa Deep Water Research Institute

IMG_2039The Okinawa OTEC Facility is located on the grounds of the Okinawa Deep Sea Water Research Institute. While not under the same governmental umbrella, both facilities are interconnected. The power plant receives sea water from the pumps that feed the Institute. Every so often, sea life makes its way past the intake gratings and finds its way up the 2.3km pipe to the pump filters.

On 10/30 a Jellynose Fish, also known as シャチブリ made its way all into the facility.  This fish lives in deep water and is soft to the touch which is unusual. Unlike most fish, the rear fin is more similar to an eel rather than most fish.

After a quick picture for records the fish was placed in a deep sea water tub.

暗い深海で生活しているせいか、瞳は透き通ったビー玉のようで、うろこがなく、皮膚がツルツルプヨプヨしていました。ちなみにシャチブリの英語名は「Jellynose Fish」。まさにゼリーのような感触だったんです。
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