Visitors from Colombia and The Netherlands

Kumejima _ Ocean Thermal Uses (11)_1This past week a delegation from the Netherlands and Colombia came to Kume Island to see first hand the various industries that can partner with OTEC. Since the only byproduct from Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion is sea water, it makes sense to take advantage of this important resource.

In addition to the two delegates from Colombia, VP of Business Development for Bluerise, a researcher at Wageningen University, and a representative of the Netherlands Embassy in Japan came to visit. Bluerise, a Netherlands company with close ties to Delft University of Technology is developing several OTEC projects. They are especially involved in the Caribbean, where water and power are scarce and expensive to produce conventionally.

Kumejima _ Ocean Thermal Uses (38)_1In order to learn about some of the possible industries that can be developed with Deep Sea Water, the group toured most of the DSW industries here as well as OTEC Okinawa and Okinawa Deep Sea Water Research Institute. Since the delegation stayed for several days they had a chance to tour a majority of the local industries. One of the delegates from Colombia, a representative of the Governor of San Andres, enjoyed his first international trip on Kume Island. The other delegate was part of the research group from the National University of Colombia working with Bluerise to bring OTEC to Colombia.

Kumejima _ Ocean Thermal Uses (66)_1Some of the highlights of the trip included a chance to try raw Kuruma Prawns at Epoch Prawn Farm. The baby prawns are brought up in Deep Sea Water to keep them virus free before being transferred to larger farms. Kuruma Prawns are prized around Japan for their great taste and freshness, but are best when you can get them right out of the water.

Our visitors also had a chance to tour Water One, a branch of the larger Water One company in mainland Japan providing water from Mt. Fuji. This year-old company processes deep sea water into delicious drinking water that is delivered to homes in 12ltr bottles for home dispensers. Since the future of the Mt. Fuji supply is uncertain with the possibility of a volcanic eruption, the Kume Island company also acts as a backup water source, one which has a vastly larger potential supply.


Visitors from outside of Japan can visit our OTEC and DSW facilities with English or Japanese speaking guides. As a model for future OTEC compatible systems it can be an interesting and informative experience for those thinking about sustainable clean  power and industry for the future.

Current Industry Tours can include:

Plus, all of the great scenic and cultural sights on the island. We look forward to seeing you.

Note, all photos not including an OTEC Okinawa watermark are courtesy of Diego Acevedo at Bluerise. Used with permission.







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