Typhoon 1408 and Coralway

With the end of spring Typhoon season has started in Japan. During the next few months, the warm temperatures and white sand beaches will bring many visitors to Okinawa. It’s also one of the best times to visit the OTEC facility since the chances of sunny skies are so good.

Unfortunately, during this time typhoons will occasionally sweep through the region. Most of the time there is several days warning so that you can easily change travel plans if you need to. This week, from around Tuesday morning through Wednesday Tyhpoon 1408, an unusually strong category 5 typhoon is projected to pass directly over Kume Island. While the course of the typhoon may change, we expect to close the facility to visitors if the area of intense winds (more than 50kt) passes over our facility.

Though our facility will be closed to the public in inclement weather, the facility itself has been engineered to withstand the high winds and rain that may happen during typhoons. The ocean pipelines bringing water into the facility have operated for 14 years with no issues, even during typhoons since they are partially underground and bring water from 15 meters or more below the surface.

Please keep an eye on weather websites such as weatherunderground.com or www.jma.go.jp/en/typh/ for updates.

Coralway Magazine

Separately, if you happen to be flying among the Okinawa Islands between July and August, check out JAL’s in-flight magazine Coralway for an article on the OTEC facility and Deep Sea Water use on Kume Island!

The article is in Japanese (as is most of the magazine), however there are some great photos highlighting the amazing products in Okinawa!












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